Recover Programme

The complete male pelvic pain recovery programme

What is Recover?

Recover is a six-month programme for men suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) and Prostatitis.  Designed by male pelvic health specialists and former pelvic pain sufferers, the programme will guide you through the same process and strategies that we, and hundreds of other men, have used to overcome CPPS. The programme equips men with the knowledge and strategies to get back to living a completely pain free life.

Don’t let your pelvic pain ruin your life any longer. 


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Starts 5 Feb 2023

The Recover Programme is our six-month signature programme specially designed to provide sufferers of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) with the knowledge, strategies and support to overcome the condition.



6 monthly payments of £111

  • Learn the strategies we used to recover from male pelvic pain
  • You will be fully supported by our highly experienced and skilled clinical team
  • Access simple, straightforward techniques and strategies that promote recovery
  • Learn how to deal with flare-ups and combat fear and anxiety
  • Take control of your symptoms and your recovery
  • Get back to living your life. Start today.
Who is the Recover Programme designed to help?

What sort of pelvic problems does the Recover Programme address?

What can someone expect from the Recover Programme?

Will I get rid of my pelvic pain & get my life back with the Recover Programme?


How the programme works 

  • The Recover Programme includes two live sessions each month with the clinical team. The first session will assess your progress and introduce the programme content for the month ahead. The second is a Q&A session to answer any questions that arise. 
  • Two-hour recorded sessions will be released into your account each month covering the six key recovery strategies in the optimum order for effectiveness.
  • You will receive a progressive movement plan to create the right environment for your pelvis to heal.
  • You will also receive an additional three masterclasses on Movement for Pelvic Pain, Dealing with Flare-Ups and Combatting Catastrophisation at strategic points in the programme.
  • Interviews with pelvic pain specialists and former CPPS sufferers on mindfulness, CBT, psychology, communication/language and exercise will offer even more support and recovery inspiration. 
  • You will also have access to the private chat room for sharing progress with other members of the group.

We know what you are going through

Six month, supported programme designed by pain experts and former CPPS sufferers who know what you're going though.

Understand what is going on in your body

When people understand their pain, they hurt less. Recover will give you confidence, knowledge and skills to beat this condition for good. 

Simple techniques that you can start using now

Learn how to deal with flare-ups, combat fear and anxiety and alleviate symptoms with our our masterclasses

Gain control of your future & your recovery

With lifetime access to the programme Recover will put you in the driving seat of your wellbeing, your future and your recovery. 

I wanted to publicly thank the Pelvic Pain Matters team for the Recover Programme.

I want to thank David for his honesty and openness. I think your role has been invaluable in making the course more accessible for us all. You've added a real sense of hope to the course - listening to you has made everything Karl and Tim have said feel real.

I would like to thank Tim for his expert insights into pain, and his ongoing work which is clearly benefiting many, many people. Without you Tim, and those like you, there wouldn't be any hope for people who have very complex pain conditions. As far as I can see, you and your work save people's lives. I want you to know that that really is how much I value what you are doing.   

Karl, I would like to thank you for all the support you have offered me both during the course, and during our relationship before the course. Your expert knowledge of CPPS has transformed my relationship with pain. I don't want to think about where I would be had I not met you. You've offered me hope. You've given me tools I need to create a future that I want to have.

Without the Pelvic Pain Matters team, I would be still thinking that medicine simply wasn't advanced enough to treat my condition, and that I was doomed. However, I now know that I do not have Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: I have Mind-Body Syndrome - and I can cure myself. I am curing myself.


Recover gets results!

We are really proud of the feedback we receive from men who have completed the programme. 


'If you are in pain and don’t know what to do, where to turn to and are depressed and anxious as to what will happen next, this programme will provide you with answers, reassurance and strategies that you can tailor to your individual needs.’  



 ‘If you truly want to get to understand this condition, why it’s affecting different areas of the pelvis and why some of the more traditional medicine is not working, this programme is for you.’


'Karl helped me reframe my symptoms and was crucial to my long-term recovery. His expertise, sense of perspective and kindness quite literally changed my life.'

Disclaimer & Terms

Pelvic Pain Matters cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our ideas, information, tools and strategies.

There is nothing through out our programmes, websites, social media content that is a promise or guarantee of results. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life and by registering here, you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results at any time, under any circumstances.  There are no refunds for any programmes.