Putting you in the driving seat of your recovery

Navigating your Diagnosis Masterclass

 What you get:

  • One hour live Masterclass delivered by male pelvic pain specialists, Karl Monahan & Tim Beames. Recorded.
  • A comprehensive goodie gag of take-home resources; videos, and further reading to deepen your understanding and support your recovery journey.

Transform your life after a Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) or Prostatitis diagnosis with this essential one-hour, deep-dive Masterclass. Discover the proven strategies that have helped hundreds of men navigate the treatment options, cut through the confusion and find a clear path to recovery.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a supportive network to break the isolation and find encouragement
  • Prioritise self-care through gentle movement, relaxation techniques, and stress management
  • Adjust expectations and communicate openly about your needs with loved ones and healthcare providers
  • Recognise stress triggers and develop effective coping strategies to minimise their impact
  • Optimise your diet to reduce inflammation and promote healing

Don't let a CPPS or Prostatitis diagnosis control your life any longer. Invest in your long-term recovery and well-being by attending this transformative Masterclass. You'll gain the knowledge, tools, and support you need to become proactive in your healing journey and reclaim the life you deserve.


Movement Masterclass

Discover the power of movement in your pelvic pain recovery

Movement can be used to calm CPPS / prostatitis and, in the long-term, help sufferers overcome the condition forever

  • Two hours of movement coaching specifically for male pelvic pain.‚Ā†

  • Understand when, where and how often to move to avoid flare-ups.‚Ā†

  • Take away powerful movement sequences to integrate into your daily life.‚Ā†

Masterclass participants will be encouraged to experiment with how their body responds to movement and activity, opening the door to living pain-free.‚Ā†


Flare-up Survival Masterclass

A masterclass to provide you with the strategies to take control of flare-ups.

Being proactive during a flare-up is a key part of beating Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome & Prostatitis for good. 

This deep dive masterclass will explain and demonstrate, in detail, the strategies that we, and hundreds of other men, have successfully used to take control of flare-ups.

  • Two¬†hours of¬†coaching specifically for¬†men with CPPS/Prostatitis to overcome flare-ups.¬†

  • Understand why the techniques work¬†and how to¬†use them.

  • Take away¬†powerful strategies¬†to integrate into your daily life.

Access all the strategies you need to take control of flare-ups.