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 Providing resources, support and recovery programmes for men with CPPS and Prostatitis

At Pelvic Pain Matters we understand pelvic pain firsthand. We know that recovery from pelvic pain is absolutely possible. We know because we have done it and have spent the last 20 years researching and developing a unique methodology that has helped hundreds of other men to overcome this condition and get back to living their lives pain free. 

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The Recover Programme

Recover is our six-month, signature programme for men suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) and Prostatitis.  Designed by male pelvic health specialists and former pelvic pain sufferers, the programme will guide you through the same process and strategies that we, and hundreds of other men, have used to overcome CPPS. The programme equips men with the knowledge and strategies to get back to living a completely pain free life.

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We know male pelvic pain

Pelvic Pain Matters was founded off the back of personal experience of male pelvic pain.  We understand what it is, what you are experiencing and the desire to get back to a normal, pain free  life.

Proven methodology

We have helped hundreds of men to recover successfully from CPPS and Prostatitis. Our unique methodology is based on proven strategies and pillars of recovery. We put you in the driving seat of YOUR recovey. 

Male pelvic pain is all we do 

We live and breathe it.

As a team of male pelvic health specialists, pain experts and former CPPS and Prostatitis sufferers, we are focused on helping, supporting and treating men with pelvic pain. 



FREE Guides


Download our free guides to get your started on your journey to recovery.  These will give you lots of really useful strategies, hints and tips to get you going. Guides include taking control of flare-ups and dealing with catastrophisation.

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Recover Masterclasses 


Sign up for our deep-dive masterclasses to move you further forward in understanding and implementing the powerful strategies that we and hundreds of other men have used to recover from CPPS and Prostatitis

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Recover Programme


Sign up for our signature recovery programme. A six month, fully supported programme specially designed to provide sufferers of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) with the all the knowledge, strategies and support to overcome the condition.

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