Recover Programme Testimonials 

Some of our participants asked to remain anonymous

I have the tools I need to create a future that I want to have.

I want to thank David for his honesty and openness. I think your role has been invaluable in making the programme more accessible for us all. You've added a real sense of hope - listening to you has made everything Karl and Tim have said feel real.

I would like to thank Tim for his expert insights into pain, and his ongoing work which is clearly benefiting many, many people. Without you Tim, and those like you, there wouldn't be any hope for people who have very complex pain conditions. As far as I can see, you and your work save people's lives. I want you to know that that really is how much I value what you are doing.   

Karl, I would like to thank you for all the support you have offered me both during the programme, and during our relationship before. Your expert knowledge of CPPS has transformed my relationship with pain. I don't want to think about where I would be had I not met you. You've offered me hope. You've given me tools I need to create a future that I want to have.

Without the Pelvic Pain Matters team, I would be still thinking that medicine simply wasn't advanced enough to treat my condition, and that I was doomed. However, I now know that I do not have Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: I have Mind-Body Syndrome - and I can cure myself. I am curing myself.


The Recover Programme is helping me rationalise and make my CPPS more manageable than before.

The Recover Programme is helping me rationalise and make my CPPS more manageable than before. It’s giving me confidence and motivation to change bad habits.⁠

I would highly recommend this programme because it is run by two kind and compassionate people (Tim and Karl) who know their stuff and know first hand what it’s like to have this condition.  They give you realistic and helpful strategies to keep it at bay.

I’m finding being around others with this condition gives me motivation and helps me feel less lonely with it. I enjoy the way it’s presented it feels informal and welcoming.


If you truly want to get to understand CPPS, why it’s affecting different areas of the pelvis and why some of the more traditional medicine is not working, the Recover Programme is for you. ⁠

It’s such a good feeling knowing you are not the only one going through this. Even though the stats are there that this condition can affect 1000’s of men, it’s a different thing to be able to talk and discuss with those actually going through the same /similar set of symptoms in real time. ⁠

The Recover Program provides excellent up to date discussion on the science, treatment, with strategies on how to deal with those difficult periods when the condition can seem to be taking the upper hand. This all allied to the fact that men can and do overcome this condition.⁠

For me personally, having that support network (the Recover room is great), where there is access to a ton of informative information and the ability to post questions and see how others are faring is great. ⁠

The mindful movement and mindset that is such a key cornerstone of dealing / treating this condition has been very beneficial to me. ⁠

What would I say to someone considering booking the course and why?⁠

If you truly want to get to understand this condition, why it’s affecting different areas of the pelvis and why some of the more traditional medicine is not working, this programme is for you. ⁠

If you are in pain and don’t know what to do, where to turn to and are depressed and anxious as to what will happen next, this course will provide you with answers, reassurance and a guide of action that you can tailor to your individual setting. ⁠

If you want to take more control of your recovery and understand the latest thinking of what can and has been shown to work in treating the condition to lead to a full recovery … well as hearing from those that have successfully navigated to recovery, then this is highly recommended.


The Recover Program, in my opinion, is brilliant

The recover programme really has been excellent. Karl and Tim are clearly very knowledgable in their respective areas and the way they have brought this group and content together is fantastic. Having them discuss specific topics to understand CPPS and then invite the group into conversation in a follow up session I find is really useful.⁠

The programme in my opinion is brilliant. Finding this programme and group of people that understand what you are going through has really helped me, both mentally and physically. I feel like I am not alone. I genuinely enjoy and look forward to the live sessions to learn more about CPPS and meet the other members and discuss their recent struggles and road to recovery. ⁠

Book the programme. You have nothing to lose. I spent months and years looking and reading up on CPPS. However, I have now come a cross a group and gained valuable insight into this condition and how to manage it for the better. You won’t regret it

The Recover Program is fantastic.

I think the Recover Program is fantastic.⁠ I am enjoying life more, and my CPPS symptoms have become more background interference than right in your face.  It is really good to be in a group with other sufferers; CPPS can be such a lonely, frightening, depressing experience. The group support is invaluable. 

I have hope in a way that I didn't before.

I've been experiencing symptoms on and off for about 13 years, but it had been persistent pain for the last 3 years. I initially believed there was an incident that had triggered the symptoms, and that I had injured myself in some way. However, having completed the Recover Programme, I now believe it was a gradual onset as my body reacted to the conditions of my life. I now believe the genesis of the pain to be a problem that had been previously hidden elsewhere in my life and the programme has pointed me in a new direction, and I strongly believe I am now heading down the right path.

I had very severe stabbing, burning pain up the shaft of the penis that felt like my urethra was being ripped out; a bruised, tight sensation in my perinium and a prickly, sore, itchy sensation in the rectum.  I remained in work and carried on being independent but the symptoms prevented me from enjoying anything in my life.  At my worst, suicidal thoughts were running through my mind. I wasn't able to talk about this because of social taboos, but this programme has been revolutionary for me in helping to identify problems in my life and empowering me to begin fixing them. Being open about my human experience, including admitting that I am vulnerable and in so much pain I've been thinking about ending my life, is proving to be part of my recovery. 

Slightly anxious at first about being part of a group programme; discussing sensitive issues that made me feel vulnerable, and I was opening myself up to people I didn't know. However, I quickly remembered that everyone was in the same position - we were all vulnerable. Because we were all vulnerable, we were all wanting the best for each other, and we created a supportive environment very quickly. The groups were facilitated by Karl and/or Tim in such a way that I felt relaxed all the way through. There were occasions where the group discussions posed problems for me, but I was able to e-mail the Pelvic Pain Matters Team with my concerns, and they responded very promptly and very compassionately to my worries. Even though this is a group programme, I felt supported by Karl and Tim on an individual and personal level. 

Whilst the Recover Programme has not completed the jigsaw and given me all the answers, it has been fundamental in revealing enough of the picture to empower me to find the remaining pieces. I have not yet completed the jigsaw, but without this programme I would have far fewer pieces joined together, and far less of the completed picture in view. 

I feel I am now on the right track to recovery. I feel that I had been barking up the wrong tree and I feel I was pursuing cures that were false and could never work. I feel I now have the answers to my recovery and it is my responsibility to work hard to realise these answers.  


I made a full recovery using the Recover approach after 8 years of Prostatitis.

I had happened upon the Pelvic Pain Clinic during one of my many searches for information about prostatitis. I was intrigued to read how its founder, Karl Monahan, was seeing considerable success treating patients using his own unique Recover approach, and toyed with giving it a go. Now that antibiotics had failed me, I was ready to try.

My sessions with Karl have been truly remarkable. During the first visit I shared everything I’d been through, comforted to talk to a former pelvic pain sufferer who knew where I was coming from. Karl taught me a healing stomach massage, which he included in a daily recovery regime involving yoga-style stretches and mindfulness. When I realised the method was working, my outlook quickly altered from victim to victor. The more I practiced, the more my symptoms reduced. That’s not to say things changed overnight. Many times I thought the prostatitis had returned, but Karl helped me to trust the treatment: to breath, stretch and focus on something else.

Ten months on and the difference in my condition is staggering. I’m no longer living under an angry prostate-shaped cloud. Sure I get the odd twinge, but I know it’s nothing to worry about. I’m confident I won’t need antibiotics for prostatitis again; they brought relief, but only Karl’s RECOVER approach brought healing.

It’s hard to explain the feeling I get during the 20-minute routine that helps keep pelvic pain at bay. I relax into each pose, breathing deeply, enjoying the peace that comes from knowing all will be well. The pain has gone. The panic has gone. I’m out the other end of the rabbit hole and can live a full life again.

Sometimes, moving slowly and thoughtfully from one posture to the next, I experience a rush of gratitude and wellbeing. It’s like I’m finally giving my body what it has been craving all these years. So thank-you, Karl. Thank-you so much for showing me how.