How reconnecting with the things you enjoy can support recovery from CPPS


Karl Monohan

Every person who we've worked with says they lose their identity with pelvic pain, they lose their sense of self. They stop doing the things that they love (interests, hobbies, social activities, food, exercise) they are either told to stop by medical professionals or are too worried to try for fear of flare-ups.

Join male pelvic health specialist and former CPPS sufferer, Karl Monohan, as he shares the strategies he uses with his patients  to help them to reengage with the things in their lives that they love and explains how this supports recovery rather than hinders it.


The importance of individualised diagnosis and treatment for recovery from CPPS.



Tim Beames

Join our clinical pain expert Tim Beames as he talks about  Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and its underlying causes.

Here at Pelvic Pain Matters, we prefer to call it 'Complex' Pelvic Pain Syndrome. Chronic suggests you have it for life or are in some way broken. This is simply not the case. It is absolutely possible to overcome this condition and you certainly are not broken!

However, it is complex and the underlying causes are usually complex too. But not in the way you might think.

Dealing with fear, anxiety and catastrophisation

David Lowe

Join, former Prostatitis sufferer David Lowe as he shares practical strategies to overcome fear, anxiety and the downward spiral of catastrophisation often experienced by men with CPPS. 


Three key things essential for recovery from male pelvic pain

Karl Monohan

Join male pelvic health specialist and former CPPS sufferer, Karl Monohan, as he shares the 3 most important things he has learned about treating people with prostatitis and CPPS over the last 20 years. What works, what doesn't, and where should you start?


Practical strategies to deal with Flare-ups

David Lowe

Join former pelvic pain sufferer and co-founder of Pelvic Pain Matters, David Lowe, to discover the techniques that  helped him to cope with flare-ups during his 8 years with CPPS. Find out how he learned to take control of what was happening to him and ultimately to make a full recovery.


Pain doesn't always equal damage and inflammation doesn't always equal infection.

Tim Beames

Join our clinical pain expert, Tim Beames to learn why understanding pain and what is going on in your body is so essential for recovery.



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Navigating a CPPS or prostatitis diagnosis.

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