The Male Pelvic Pain Recovery Programme

Starts 13 June 2022 for 6 months


The Male Pelvic Pain Recovery Programme


What is Recover?

Recover is a six-month male pelvic pain recovery programme.  Our primary goal is to equip men with the knowledge and strategies to overcome CPPS and Prostatitis. You will be fully supported through the entire 6 months by us as well as your own private group of other patients, all working together.

We are offering this first round of the programme for an introductory price of 6 monthly payments of £77/month. This is less than you'd normally pay for a single one hour consultation with a specialist/physio.

For this price you will receive:

  • 1 x monthly interactive clinic sessions with Karl and Tim
  • 1 x monthly interactive strategy sessions with Karl and Tim
  • 1 x monthly Q&A and check in sessions with David and another former recovered CPPS sufferer
  • 1 x monthly pre-recorded lectures on the 6 key pillars to recovery
  • Access to your own private chat room with the other patients
  • Progressive movement plan to create the right environment for your pelvis to heal
  • Unlimited access to all the Recover Masterclasses on Movement for Pelvic Pain, Dealing with Flare-Ups and Combatting Catastrophisation.
  • Unlimited access to previous Pelvic Pain Matters Webinars - interviews with pelvic pain specialists and former CPPS sufferers covering topics including mindfulness, CBT, psychology, communication/language and exercise


Master these techniques and take control again. Don’t let your pelvic pain ruin your life any longer.

This programme will put you in the driving seat of your wellbeing, your future and your recovery.



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Karl is highly professional, knowledgeable and also very friendly. Having suffered from pelvic pain for a couple of years and being referred on by anyone I saw in the NHS with limited relief, Karl provided simple and effective ways to manage my pain and I have seen a significant reduction in my symptoms. I'd highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering.


If you truly want to get to understand this condition, why it’s affecting different areas of the pelvis and why some of the more traditional medicine is not working, this programme is for you.


Karl helped me reframe my symptoms and was crucial to my long-term recovery. His expertise, sense of perspective and kindness quite literally changed my life.


The Programme

Recover starts on Monday 13th June and runs for six months with structured strategy sessions, interactive clinic sessions and check-in sessions with recovered CPPS sufferers.  share experiences and get the individualised guidance you need.

All sessions are available to watch live or on replay

You will learn, practice and master the techniques in a fully supported environment.   

Month 1: A who, what, why, when, and how of pain

  • You are not alone
  • Making better sense of what pain is, why we feel it and what it does to you
  • Introducing mindful movement strategies

Month 2: Exploring the unexplained: Is CPPS an infection, muscular tightness...or something else?

  • Mindful movement - building confidence
  • Factors contribution to chronic pelvic pain
  • Infection markers - what does this mean?
  • Muscle tension - what does this mean?
  • Introduction to flare-ups

Month 3: Just a perfect day, week, month...

  • Effective daily routines
  • Weekly practices
  • Monthly activities
  • The importance of goal setting

Month 4: Let’s get physical!

  • Mindful movement - progression
  • Incorporating meaningful activity
  • Behaviours and avoidance strategies
  • An introduction to breath work

Month 5: Mind on the matter

  • Breath work - building confidence
  • The anticipation of pain and its effects
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • What works for you?

Month 6: Wellness and beyond

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Touch and massage
  • Flare-up survival

Support & Understanding

Meet others who are going through the same challenges in their battle with pelvic pain and discover the power of the group.

Inspirational Stories

Be inspired by stories of recovery and learn how others have overcome this condition.

Restore Wellbeing

Discover how to reduce the pain’s intensity with practical strategies for managing and reducing symptoms and restoring wellbeing.


Recovery from pelvic pain is absolutely possible. Learn the techniques that have helped hundreds of men recover from pelvic pain. Start your journey and take control of your own recovery.


Disclaimer & Terms

Pelvic Pain Matters cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our ideas, information, tools and strategies.

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